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CAO is Opportunity

As the country emerges from the grip of the Covid, there will be new energy in higher education. The CAO form is key to unlocking an exciting future in further education.

Every year, mature students – categorised as those aged over 23 make up a significant of new college entrants. Covid may have some people rethinking their careers and, if so, with the CAO applications for the autumn to be submitted within three weeks, it is an opportune time to consider other options. Anyone considering applying to the CAO as a mature student must take the deadline of February 1st deadline seriously. Many colleges require mature applications to have submitted their chosen courses on the CAO form no later than February 1st, even if these courses are not restricted entry.

Important Dates:


January 20th (5.15pm – Deadline for applications at discounted fee of €30

February 1st (5.15pm) – Normal closing date for CAO registrations and submission of course choices fee €45

March 1st (5.15pm) -Deadline for completion of online DARE/HEAR Forms. Deadline for completion of mature applicant section.

March 5th (12noon) – May 1st (5.15pm) Late application facility open. Fee €60 and subject to restrictions.

March 15th (5.15pm) Deadline for arrival of DARE/HEAR supporting documentation at CAO.


UCAS deadline is extended to January 29th. UCAS is the UK equivalent of the CAO, for those considering studying in Britain or Northern Ireland.  (The deadline for applications to Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Oxford University and Cambridge University have already passed).


Waterford IT President’s Scholarship is March 1st.