Waterford Area Partnership Ltd., Westgate Park, Tramore Road, Waterford.

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CEO Message

“Success comes to those who realise it isn’t coming to them,and go out and get it” – anonymous.


jstokesWaterford Area Partnership Ltd. is facing a very challenging time ahead. The challenge of social inclusion will be helped greatly if it is supported across all sectors of the economy. In doing this we ensure that social inclusion is part of all aspects of National Investment and Development.

Since the establishment of the Partnership in 1996 there has been a measured shift in consciousness in Waterford by all the stakeholders involved in the Partnership process. This has served to enhance our contribution and add value to our work in Waterford.

In going forward we must strive to overcome “visible and invisible fences” as they sometimes imprison our thinking in relation to prevailing attitudes and assumptions. By doing this, it will contribute to assisting ourselves become more innovative and proactive in our collective thinking and our actions respectively.

We live, learn and work in a City and County, which is rapidly expanding as the Gateway of the South East with many new opportunities being created. We will work with those in our community who need assistance to avail of these opportunities. We will invest in and strive to have an Equal Civil Society, to be shared by all the people of Waterford.

This new vision of an Equal Civil Society for Waterford brings to mind a quote by John Dewey, 20th Century Educator:

“ The object of Education of our Children lies not in communicating the values of the past, but in creating new values of the future”.



Joseph Stokes, C.E.O.

Waterford Area Partnership Ltd.