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Educational Resources

girls-on-desk-looking-at-notebook-159823We have curated some workbooks to keep your primary school children busy during the shut down. The workbooks are based on USA grades but you can use the table below as a guide to select one for your child. We hope you find them useful.


Preschool 4-5 years Junior Infants 4-5 years
Kindergarten 5-6 years Senior Infants 5-6 years
1st grade 6-7 years 1st class 6-7 years
2nd grade 7-8 years 2nd class 7-8 years
3rd grade 8-9 years 3rd class 8-9 years
4th grade 9-10 years 4th class 9-10 years
5th grade 10-11 years 5th class 10-11 years


Click Links Below for Resources

5th Grade Part 1 

5th Grade Part 2

5th Grade Grammar

5th Grade Adverbs

4th Grade workbook

4th Grade Alphabetical

3rd Grade Workbook

2nd Grade Workbook

2nd Grade Study

1st Grade Workbook  

1st Grade Compound Words

Kindergarten Study Pack

Junior Cycle

English Letter Writing

History First Dáil

Maths Geometry demonstrations

Geography Volcanoes Case Study

Geography Soil Revision

Geography Rocks RevisionRocks


Some leaving cert grinds are available here With Thanks to our friends at Wexford Local Development Company