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Study Supports

Hello parents and teachers,

With concerns growing over the coronavirus (COVID-19), we know many of you are making plans to keep learning going should your school need to close. As parents and teachers ourselves, we know there’s a lot on your minds, from health and safety to child care and jobs.


We have prepared some resources that you can use in the home to help students continue with their studies


www.khanacademy.org is full of tutorials and advice, thanks to them!


This handy little study sheet will help your little ones revise their subjects whilst they are off school. Print it off or hand write the headings on a blank sheet of paper. StudySheet.pdf

Also have a look at clix.ie for study aids and tutorials.

YouTube channels such as themathstutor.ie also have subject specific tutorials.


Hope this helps, Keep an eye here for more online utilities for school-goers and parents and take care of yourselves!