Waterford Area Partnership CLG., Westgate Retail Park, Tramore Road, Waterford.

Tel: 051-841740, Email: info@wap.ie

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TÚS is a community placement initiative providing quality, short-term suitable work opportunities for people who are unemployed. It also provides services which benefit local communities.

The Department of Social Protection is responsible for the TÚS programme nationally and Waterford Area Partnership is responsible for the roll out of the programme in Waterford City.


Aims of  TÚS

TÚS aims to provide participants with;

  • Quality work placements
  • The Opportunity to learn new skills
  • The Opportunity to build on previous experience
  • The Opportunity to work in areas where previous experience and skills exist
  • A boost in confidence to get back to work
  • The chance to be placed in work areas where previous experience and skills exist


Waterford Area Partnership Ltd is also seeking Community and Voluntary organisations to provide quality work opportunities in the delivery of services. (The participants on the Scheme will be sourced by the Department of Social Protection and must be continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and signing on a full time basis and in receipt of Jobseekers Benefit or Jobseekers Allowance).


TÚS Information leaflet

Work opportunities within Communities/Organisations will be selected that:
1. Do not displace existing commercial activity or duplicate service provision by another agency
2. Is of sufficient quality
3. Makes a meaningful contribution within communities
4. Supports voluntary effort



Community & Voluntary organisations should contact Waterford Area Partnership Ltd on 051 841740 for further information or download an Expression of Interest Form by clicking here.

This project is supported by the Department of Social Protection, which is funded by the Irish Government.