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Waterford Area Partnership provide assistance to many community groups and individuals.

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Local Community Groups & Community Based Social Enterprises in Waterford City & County

WAP/SICAP supports local community groups in Waterford City & County that are actively developing their services and facilities to build inclusive and sustainable communities.

#CommunityWorks! – 30 SICAP supported Local Community Groups tell their stories. Booklet launch in April 2022

“At a time when I did not see if our group would survive (post-Covid) this project reminded us of why we came together and what we were proud of achieving. Can’t wait for us to get back to our activities” ‘David’ – Men’s Shed

Local Community Groups & Community Based Social Enterprises in Waterford City & County

WAP/SICAP also supports local community groups that have established or are seeking to establish a social enterprise in their community that will provide employment opportunities and services to increase the quality of life for members of their community or specific target groups.

Social Enterprises in Waterford City and County

“The staff of WAP/SICAP have been actively supporting us to develop both a strategic plan and a marketing plan over the past year. They have been so helpful and encouraging. They were always available when needed, nothing was too much for them. Without the SICAP programme, we wouldn’t have completed this much-needed analysis.”
Waterford Local Economic Development Company / Cill Barra Sports & Leisure Centre

WAP manages the TUS scheme for Waterford City. TUS can support local community and voluntary groups who have job roles that could be matched with a TUS participant.

“St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre was set up as a charity to serve the community by providing facilities for groups to hold meetings, classes, programmes, concerts, rehearsals etc. We operate without public funding and aim to make our space affordable to all.

However, providing this service takes a lot of effort and without the resources to pay staff we depend heavily on the TÚS scheme and without it we would not have been able to thrive as we have. We have been lucky to have had so many scheme workers who have helped us as cleaners, caretakers, office workers and more. In return I like to think that they have found their experiences fulfilling and constructive in helping them back into the workplace on a permanent basis.

We hope this relationship will continue and with the TÚS scheme we can maintain the great service we are able to offer the community.”

Find out how WAP can help Local Community Groups & Community Based Social Enterprises in Waterford City & County

Individuals over 15 Years of Age from Priority Target Groups.

WAP provides a range of education, personal development, employment training/guidance, work placement and start your own business supports for unemployed individuals that match any of the categories below and are living in Waterford City and County:

  • A job seeker
  • Working in precarious or low paid employment
  • On a Community Employment Scheme
  • Unemployed and looking for a work placement
  • A person with a disability
  • From the Traveller Community
  • From the Roma Community
  • An Asylum Seeker, Refugee or Migrant
  • An Early School Leaver
  • Parenting Alone
Who we help individuals over 15 years old Waterford City and County
Who we help children and families WAP SICAP

Children & Families

WAP/SICAP works with schools, state agencies and local community groups to provide supports to children that are at risk of early school leaving, and their families.

Find out how WAP supports children and families in Waterford City & County

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